How To Send Message Someone Who Has Blocked You On WhatsApp (4 Methods)

How to Unblock Yourself on Whatsapp: Hello Guys, If you are always thinking about if someone blocked me on whatsapp and you always try to send the messages. So I am going to provide you one of the awesome trick How to Send Message Someone Who Has Blocked on Whatsapp. This is a very simple, efficient and hassle-free way to text a person who blocked you on Whatsapp. Just Simply you can follow steps by steps instructions given below and you will be able to message that person who blocked you on whatsapp. Checkout Previously shared article on How to Create Whatsapp Account With US Number. Since, Whatsapp is one of the best and most popular instant messaging app if you are already know that, It is widely used chatting platform which connect different people from different places instantly and it become a prominent part of our life now. so, any disruption in this like get blocked by someone on whatsapp will makes user frustrating because if someone blocks you on whatsapp then you will neither be able to text him and also able to checkout their profile picture, status etc you can follow this article carefully you will surely How to Unblock Yourself From Someone’s Blocked on WhatsApp. Also read awesome tricks on How to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Number and wifi mac address changer.

Specially when a person is in a relationship with someone like Girlfriends & Wife he/she get angry, he/she blocked her/his girlfriend or boyfriend very frequently and at that point you get irritated and frustrated Because If someone special to you blocks you then you are temper goes high due to lack of the important messages which you want to convey to find to your friend which might help you to sort out with him. So, friend this article is for your conversation with your some one special. Also Checkout How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days.

This is the also a part of this method which I’m going to share with you, there is an another way to talk with blocked whatsapp contact but that method is very lengthy and problematic method because you have to delete your whatsapp account for that and again create it to get unblocked from the person who block you on whatsapp account. There are so many different types of whatsapp unblocker tools are available in the market but here I am share with you wonderful trick if someone blocked you on Whatsapp how can i unblock myself. But in doing this you will get left out from all of your previous existing groups and may lost your contacts and all sending or receiving messages if backup is not work before deleting account. Also checkout How to Unblock Blocked Paytm Wallet Account. So I am going to share a very easy & simple, convenient and handy method to talk with Unblocked Whatsapp Account Without Deleting Whatsapp Account. Yes, your heard 100% right and some you don’t have to delete your account and you will be able to message the person who blocked you on whatsapp. I tried it myself and it is working fine and to using this trick I’m easily able to message the person who blocked me on whatsapp. Checkout trick for How to Download Instagram Photos on Android.

In this article, you are going to read how you can send messages to people who blocked you on WhatsApp. Here, I am going to give you multiple methods. You can choose the best one and try it.

How to Know if You’re Blocked

Like most social media tools, Like WhatsApp does not reach out to a blocked user to let them know they’ve been blocked. After all, this would be fairly counterintuitive, and could cause real-world harm or danger to the person who has blocked a WhatsApp contact. Instead, WhatsApp gives small, subtle clues to users to alert them to the fact that they’ve been blocked by a user on the service. While you may not receive an out-and-out alert, it’s easy to tell that you’ve been blocked when these pieces come together.

whatsapp block checker

whatsapp block checker

How do you know whether you are blocked by someone else or not?

  •  Check Following details, if your friends “last seen status” or ” whatsapp status” or “display picture” is not visible to you, then you may be BLOCKED.
  • If you send messages and it shows only one tick sign ( i.e message is been sent but doesn’t delivered) then you may be BLOCKED.

Steps to Unlock Yourself from Someone’s WhatsApp Account

I don’t suggest you to do this because this is very long and problematic method and doing these you are going to leave all your existing groups and you may lost your all data & files if you are forget to create a backup before doing this. but if you want to unlock yourself from the person who blocked you then follow these steps by steps guide.

  1. Open Your WhatsApp Account Messenger
  2. Go to the Setting Option
  3. Click on “Account” Button
  4. Now Simply Click on “Delete my account” option ( don’t worry )
  5. Enter your phone number to delete account.
  6. Now lets UNINSTALL WhatsApp application
  7. How to Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts In Single Android Phone
  8. Reboot/Restart your device
  9. Go to Google Play Store and Download WhatsApp Messenger App again
  10. Install and enter details to start with
  11. All set, now you have unblocked yourself with notifying anyone. Enjoy.

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#Method 1

How to Message Someone Who Blocked You on WhatsApp Without Deleting Account (The Ultimate Method)

This method is very simple & easy you can go straightforward, all you need is a third person who is on whatsapp and he is going to play a very important role in this method so it is better to choose the third person who is mutual friend between you and the person who blocked you. To start with the person who blocked you on whatsapp follow below these some easy steps.

  • Tell your mutual or any friend to create a new group.
Chat Someone Who Blocked You on WhatsApp

Chat Someone Who Blocked You on WhatsApp

  • After Creating the group, tell him to add you and other person the one who blocked you in that group.
Message blocked WhatsApp Number

Message blocked WhatsApp Number

  • Now you will be completely able to chat those person who blocked you on whatsapp with the help of this group. If you want to private chat then tell your mutual friend to exit or leave the group.
Message Someone Who Blocked Me on WhatsApp

Message Someone Who Blocked Me on WhatsApp

  • After leaving that your mutual friend from group, only you and those person who blocked you are there in that group and you can text the blocked person easily without having faces any issues.

#Method 2

Delete Your WhatsApp Account and Sign Up Again (The Ultimate Method)

You can revoke the blockage by recreating your WhatsApp account. You should follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Take up your phone and open WhatsApp App on it. Then, Click the three dots on the top-right corner button and go to “Settings>> Account” Option.

Trick to Send Message Blocked Person on Whatsapp

Trick to Send Message Blocked Person on Whatsapp

Step 2: You can now see an option named “Delete My Account” there. Don’t forget to tap on it.

Step 3: Here, you will have to “choose your country” (or enter the country code) and “type your phone number” into the appropriate fields.

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Step 4: Once you complete all the three steps, “hit the red Delete My Account button“.

Send Message Someone Who Has Blocked you On Whatsapp

Send Message Someone Who Has Blocked you On Whatsapp

Step 5: Now close WhatsApp and Open it again. Now sign up for your WhatsApp Account just the way you did it the first time.

There you go! You have bypassed the blockage now. And, sending messages to someone who has blocked you is now possible as well.

Caution: – When you delete your whatsapp account, you are erasing all your details or messages on WhatsApp. You will never get your messages back. And, you got kicked out from all the groups too.

#Method 3

Message Them Offline

This method is One of the best & quickest ways is messaging them offline. You can type the text into your default text messaging app and send it to their number.

Don’t know how to get their number from WhatsApp? Open WhatsApp and long-press on the conversation item you have on the home interface. Once the conversation is selected, tap the three vertical dots on the right-top portion and choose View contact. You can see the number below.

#Method 4

Message Them on Other Apps

Just like WhatsApp, there are some other apps that use the phone number as the base of contact. Even if you don’t have contacts with them on any other platform, you can try searching the number on it.

Final Verdict

Now you can deliver your any urgent message, persuade him/her or clear out all the misconceptions and the fuss due to which he/she blocked you in the first place. The only problem that you may face is if that person leaves the group, but by the time he/she does that, you already would have conveyed your message. If he/she leaves the group before you’ve delivered your message, then we have one suggestion for you. Please do not bother a person by following or stalking him if he/she doesn’t want to talk to listen to you. use this method as a last resort and if it doesn’t turn out well then leave the person alone.

So Guys, I Hope this method is completely working for you? IF YES, then please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. If NOT, then share your any problems via drop down your comment below, we at Above Android just love to help you out because we care FOR ANDROID USERS.

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