How To Change IMEI Number In Any Android

Hey Guys, I am back again with new trick What I have always seen, Lots of peoples are in these days search on google for How to Change IMEI Number in Android phone. Are you looking for the same? If yes, then you are going to read the best article in the world on it. Yeah!! World best we are sharing this guide on How to Change Android IMEI Number Without Root. You can easily change Android IMEI number of any mobile by following this guide.

Many people want to know How to Change IMEI Number in Android without rooting. So, first of all, let me tell you those who think it’s possible. YES, we can do this easily on any phone without using a PC or any other tool. In this tutorial you will read the one of the best and very easiest way to change IMEI number in any Android mobile using android IMEI Changer Apk and later I shared another method which is for non-rooted mobiles. Don’t worry, it’s simple and best method works on Samsung, MI, Oneplus, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo, Micromax, Karbon, Intex, Honor, Huawei, Sony other remaining devices.

I already shared lots of article on Android Tricks & Tutorials and today once again I am back with such an awesome tweak for Android users. Look at my old tutorials to Change Android Device ID of your phone. And Today I am going to provide you an article on Android Tricks, In this tutorial, I will explain to you, How to Change IMEI number of any android phone. You will get shocked after reading this method as there is nothing hard to follow in it and you don’t even think how simple it is to change Android IMEI number withing seconds.

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Lost of peoples want to change their device’s to earn so many money with Refer & Earn apps by making several accounts with their own Referral code, but these app store our IMEI number in their database and we can’t able to get referral money again and again on the same device. That’s why some some peoples want to change their IMEI number to earn lost of money from referrals.

change imei number in any android

How To Change IMEI Number In Any Android Phone

So I think you know that but some peoples are want to change IMERI number just only for fun and. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of changing IMEI number of an Android device. In this turorial, you can find step by step Full Guide to change IMEI number in an android device with or without root. I am recommended you to root your android device before proceeding to the next steps. Rooting of our android device unlocks our Android fully and we are able to add any cool Tweaks in it.

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I already shared How to Hack WiFi on Android, must read this article to hack wifi password on your device. After rooting your device, you have to install Xposed installer app on your device as this IMEI Changer app need Xposed module to run. Let us come to the main part of this article. read a full guide about How to change IMEI number in Android. There is nothing special in this method so chill and follow some simple steps. Windows 7 Launcher for Android

What is IMEI Number?

IMEI refers to “International Mobile Equipment Identity” number. You all are know that All smartphone has a different IMEI number in all over the world this common. You can check your mobile phone IMEI number with this USSD code by dialing *#06#. Got it? Okay, let’s come to the net point.

Why Do We Need to Change IMEI Number?

change imei number android

How to Change IMEI Number in Any Android Phone

There are lots of benefits of which you will get after changing the IMEI of our device. Mostly, of the people who love to use Refer & Earn apps for making money and free recharges. Whenever we created a new account in any app, it will store out IMEI number in its database. And when you try use your own referral link order to get referral money through own mobile, it detects your IMEI and you wouldn’t get any referral commission by that app. So, in this case you can easily solve this by changing your Android IMEI number. If Any One blocked you on Whatsapp and you are trying to send message and you don’t send then simply follow this article How to Text Someone Who Blocked You

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Well, also there are lots of other benefits of changing IMEI of your Android phone.

Requirements to Change Android IMEI Number

  • Rooted Android Mobile
  • Installed Xposed Installer In Your device
  • IMEI Changer App
  • On Internet Connection

So These are the very very little requirements which you have to keep in your mind before following this tutorial. Don’t worry, these is nothing special requirements you can easily manage all of these you are ready, move on to mail steps.

How To Change IMEI Number In Android

So My Lovely Visitors, Here is the step by step guide I will tell you to change IMEI number of your Android phone. I hope you are completely ready to with all requirements, I described in the above section Let’s com to the method.

1) First of all note real IMEI number of Android, by this, if you want to turn back on your real IMEI number, you can paste (Or you will find it later in IMEI Changer App).

Open Dial Pad and Enter this USSD Code *#6# form your mobile to get show original IMEI number of your phone.

2) After Dial USSD Code, Now Now open Xposed installer app on your android phone and Tick mark on IMEI Number Changer app’s option.

imei number changer apk

imei number changer apk

3) After Tick Mark, Now restart your Android device.

Change IMEI Android without root

Change IMEI Android without root

4) After Restart your mobile phone Now change your IMEI number from New IMEI number option and simply click on the apply button.

5) Now change your IMEI Number from New IMEI number option and simply click on Apply.

How to Change IMEI Number

How to Change IMEI Number

6) After Enter New IMEI Number Now It will show your New IMEI number in Current IMEI number box.

7) Now Restart your device and After Restart check your IMEI number by dialing *#6#.

Android IMEI Changer Tool

Android IMEI Changer Tool

8) Congratulation!! Your IMEI number is successfully changed. ?

You Can also recover your Original IMEI again, you will see ir in IMEI Changer app always, so whenever you want to come back on Real IMEI no. of your device, so just copy and paste it.

So Guys, This was the very easy and good article for Change IMEI Number on Android I hope you enjoy and like this article If you are like this please share with your friends and family. If you are face any problems or issues regarding this post then simply comment below I will surely reply you soon.

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