14 Best iOS Emulator For Windows To Run iOS Apps

Emulator for iOS Hey Guys, I am back again with new article, So Do you want to use any iOS apps in your life but don’t have any iPhone Emulators. Don’t worry guys this is only my one question So many peoples was ask me How to Run iOS Emulator Apps on PC/Computer using iPhone Emulators. I was getting many queries regarding Best iOS Emulators for Windows using which one can run  iOS apps in windows. So, If you are looking for the same, keep reading the whole article as I will share with you one of the best list all iOS based iphone emulator for pc which is easily available for Windows platform you can follow this article and ios emulator for pc free download without paying anything for Best iOS Emulator For PC.

best ios emulators for Windows to Run iOS apps apps on PC

best ios emulators for Windows to Run iOS apps apps on PC

What is iOS Emulator?

iOS Emulator is a software that enables one computer system, known as the host to behave like another Operating System, this is called the guest by enabling the host system to run the software or use devices that are originally developed to be used by that particular OS. Putting things in perspective for this specific discussion, an iOS Emulator Windows  will enable a windows based computer to emulator or initiate an iOS based device through certain specific programs that have been specially created for this purpose. Through the use of these iPhone Emulator for Windows the app developers can test their programs before coming out with commercial versions of the same as well it allows the users of windows to use this towards using this iOS games or apps or to create iOS apps on their PCs.

What is iOS Emulator for PC Windows?

What is iOS Emulator for PC Windows?

What is the Differences between an iOS Emulator VS iOS Simulator?

This is Two words of ‘Emulator’ and ‘Simulator’ is understood to be meaning is the same, in actually, these are quite so many different from each other. I was explain you in simply, emulators actually a mimic software & hardware environments found on the corresponding host devices, whereas the simulator only mimic the software environment.  And the Second one is Simulator is generally used for analysis and study whereas Emulation is used for using a particular devices as a substitute or to get the expat experiences a the of the device that is being emulated. Therefore, it will be quite correct to say that an Emulator is a combination of hardware and software, thereby providing the some more realistic behavior whereas the simulator is only software based. One analogy, to understand the subtle difference between the two could be to imagine that you are trying to tell your friend that it will be fun to jump in an ice pool. To simulate it, you pretend to jump into the pool yourself and enjoy the cold water by enhancing how it would feel. To emulate the same, you actually into the pool. and iOS Simulator for Windows is also available.

difference between simulator and emulator with examples

difference between simulator and emulator with examples

Advantages of iOS Emulator

iOS Emulator for Windows 10

                                                                                                         iOS Emulator for Windows 10

These are so many different type of advantages of using iOS Emulator for PC and that is 100% proof are available of the fact that there are multiple iOS emulator now available with their so many large numbers ever increasing. Some of the distinct advantages of using iOS simulators are the following.

  • These iOS Windows Emulator can be used during the development process for testing the so many various apps like iphone app emulator.
  • The iOS 10 Emulators can be easily run on multiples devices.
  • iPhone emulator online is obviously facilitate the users to experiences an OS that they could not otherwise afford due to its high costs.
  • iOS Emulator is obviously can help the undecided customers to first have a look and feel and the actual experiences is of using a particular iOS device before deciding whether they would like to it or not mac simulator for windows.

I Think you already know about and some idea for emulators & simulators.- What they are & how it will work for your purpose. So, Let’s discuss about Best iOS/iPad Emulator for Windows without without waiting anyone. This article iphone simulator mac & ipad windows emulator So Let’s Read.

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There are dozens numbers of Emulators for iOS are available for Windows PC in the Internet &  It’s really very difficult for most of us to find some best iPhone Emulator for our personal use. But don’t worry guys I am here with your help as our team had researched about iOS Emulator & iOS Windows Simulator in depth. Below writing this article, So that you can easily select any iPhone emulator for Windows PC from the below list.

Best iOS Emulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 :

iOS Emulator for PC Free Download Here In this article I am sharing with top 7 iOS Emulator for PC Windows. Although with the rapid developement of technology and the inter connectivity of operating systems, there are various programs that have been developed to work iOS emulator for PC; the following are some of the better-known ones that have been received quite well by its users.


Smartface is popular iPhone app emulator and iOS app tester for a developer that helps to develop cross-platform native iOS application. Guys you already know that Smartface iOS Emulator for PC is one of the best & most popular iOS Emulator that offer basic functions for Windows OS and allows the all users to develop unlimited apps absolutely free of cost. It extremely easy to use this program. And you can easily Smartface iOS Emulator Free Download without paying anything. It extremely easy to use this program too. All that one needs to do is to install the app on the host device through the app store and then the connect it to your own windows system. You can also download below link Smartface App Studio Download. It is very important that the Windows device should have the iTunes installed so that the two systems can work in synchronize. Once the iOS is emulated onto the Windows Device, the developers can then develop native applications through the Smartface Review app. There is also the function of debug your apps with useful debugging features such as real time code changes and breakpoints etc. As an app developing software the program is quite adept at providing the capability to the users to test iOS Apps applications in various iOS environments. So we are here discussion about some best iOS App Emulator for PC in this article, it is worthwhile ti know that Smart face can be used with the Android platform with equal efficient and also available for iOS windows emulator for android.

Smartface Emulator Free Download

                                                                                                            Smartface Emulator Free Download

MobiOne Studio

Windows Emulator is provide you another iPhone Emulator for Windows and the name is  MobiOne is considered among the most versatile and easy to use software that allows the users to emulate various iOS apps with ease as well as developing iOS applications. And MobiOne is provide you best apple emulators for PC to Run iOS games & applications on Windows computer. This iPad Emulator PC has been easily downloaded by more than half a million designers and visual studio ios emulator developers since its launch in 2009 year and has multiple unique capabilities such as customized user interface template that use the drag and drop function for both portrait and landscape orientations that can also be modified. Through this app you can easily Synchronize  technology, MobiOne also supports you large sized apps for review and testing. I Think you know that MobiOne is an iPhone simulator for Windows cum emulator for iOS which works easily for developing cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and android systems. This MobiOne apps was developed on HTML 5 hybrid native apps model by means of Cordova/ PhoneGap open source framework. This app you can use for common text messaging, users can also transfer any types of apps & files directly to any mobile device. MobiOne Studio can be downloaded and installed easily for free on Windows PC.

MobiOne Studio iPhone Emulator Free full Download

MobiOne Studio iPhone Emulator Free full Download

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator is one of the Best iPhone Emulator For PC. Air iPhone Emulator is widely regarded to be among the top programs to create extremely realistic emulation effects. This Programs functions with support of the Adobe Air Framework that recreates the GUI Graphical User Interface or GUI of the selected iOS on the windows platform computers. It is known as that is an iPhone Emulator for Window PC developed to imitiate the GUI of Mobile. This program is of some great importance to the developers who can upload their newly developed applications to the Air iPhone emulator before releasing it to see how it looks like and feel. There are so many cool & different types of features are available on this free iOS emulator for Windows PC, Some core applications such as the safari Web Browser are not available and that constraints its use. Air iPhone emulator was originally designed to allow users to make and receive free calls through Ribbit, a telephone communications service that was used mostly by developers to connect with the telephone networks. Air iPhone Emulator creates a virtual iPhone on you Windows PC which enable you to see the actual screen and Air iPhone is free available and its compatible to the all Windows PC, android, mac, and iPhone.

Air iPhone iOS Emulator for Windows

Air iPhone iOS Emulator for Windows

iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is another one of the great iPhone Emulator For Windows that can provide you actual experience of using an iPhone device. This iPhone Simulator Windows works on the flash and is considered among the foremost apps when it comes to the easy of use and brilliance of the interface. You can also download this emulators for iOS and let’s you access iPhone apps and games on your Windows PC with the help of iPhone Simulator Mac. This apps is not gives you some permissions to access crucial iPhone apps such as the iPhone App Emulator Store or the browser, it is still quite handy when it comes to having an access to the other more popular applications such as as notepad, clock, calculator etc. Whereas it seems that simulator is using the iOS, it is basically a flash application and has its natural limitations. This app is not very useful for the app developers was say that for advanced features such debugging etc., It still quite handy for those that want to experience the iOS environment before deciding to invest in an iOS device. This iPhone Simulator Online is also provide you some best excellent graphics quality.

iPhone Simulator Online Download

iPhone Simulator Online Download

Moreover, if you want to use this, then the right news is that this comes 100% free of cost without paying anything. You can also create virtual clone UI of iPhone windows using iPhone Simulator.

What Does iPhone Simulator Offer?

As you all are already know that iPhone is an very expensive mobile phone is not a cup of tea for everyone to purchase that, So those of you can’t afford or purchase iPhone devices,  then this emulator is specially developed for you and this emulator can easily create a virtual; iPhone on your Desktop or Laptop in just only few minutes. You won’t miss the real iPhone when you see its brilliant interface, graphics that are of superior quality and that exactly resembles the real iPhone. However, you may be disappointed with the act that it does not give you access to certain iPhone apps including the app store which is a major let down.

iPadian Simulator

iPadian is perhaps the best iPad emulator for Windows. It Gives you the feel of an iPad an android and windows products. iPad Simulator for Mac is also available for Google Chrome extension that works as a cloud OS and a simulator in Chrome browser. As the name suggests, iPadian is a software program build for PCs to running Windows XP or higher Windows to easily launch an alternative desktop that looks like an iPad screen. In the sense, therefore, iPadian is not really a true emulator, but rather a simulator. iPadian App Store is a actually a desktop application that is 100% based on the Adobe Air platform and cannot running without that being first installed on the computer. This is not possible to access some more of the native iOS apps on the using iPadian, it comes with its own apps store which is a set of apps that can run on windows and give the user feeling of using the iOS app. iPadian is allowed all users to create your personal apps in few seconds, implement it as the screen saver run and link to your favorite web services using just only one click. iPadian is also play a major role interface challenges since it tries. So overall it is good iOS emulator for PC and worth giving a try.

iPadian Simulator iOS Download

iPadian Simulator iOS Download

Some Features of iPadian for PC:
  1. Free Version of iPadian can give you basic iOS feel for free.
  2. Access to customized store app emulator store in free version.
  3. In premium version, you can use any app freely with Apple App Store.
  4. This Premium iPadian App Store version is totally ad free without paying anything.
  5. Moreover, It’s cheap also. (Premium version is available for 10$ only).

How to Install iPadian in Your Windows Computer:

  • First of all, Download iPadian from above link.
  • After Download Double, Click on Installation file which you have downloaded in above step.
  • Simply, Follow on Screen options and click on Next accordingly.
  • Once, you have successfully installed iPadian in your PC, you can follow further steps to run iOS apps in your Windows Computer.

How to Run iOS Apps in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC by iPadian

Once, you have successfully Installed iPadian in your Windows Computer. You will see iPadian icon desktop.

  • Simply, double click on iPadian Desktop Icon.
  • Now from their interface, simply click on store.
  • Download your any favorite apps from there and enjoy free iOS emulator on PC.

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is always one of the best iOS based emulator for windows. In terms of developers support, I have to say that Xamarin Testflight is best ios emulator for pc to give try at once. Through, its paid emulator for windows, but believe me it’s worth it. I Think you know that already Xamamin Testflight in association with Apple offers you a platform to emulate iOS apps and test them on Windows device. It is the chief way to beta your Xamamin. iOS apps. This Xamamin ioS emulator was only available on via iTunes Connect. It lets you beta test your iOS apps for both external and internal users and makes sure that the final review has a much easier method while you publish in into the App store. What’s to be noted here is that Xamarin Testflight test apps only that are above OS 8.0. So you can download and install Xamarin best iOS emulator for windows.

In This article, I will not cover how to setup or use this xamarin testflight emulator as developer of xamarin testflight has written detailed one the same on their blog.

iOS emulators for Windows PC

iOS emulators for Windows PC


Appetize.Io is another one of the Best iOS Emulator for Windows. So you can note that it is cloud based emulator and you can not download it in your PC/Computer/Laptop. Earlier, there was an iPhone emulator known as App.Io but it is not available any more. So, if you are always looking for App.Io is must-try. It’s got more for you in store with its free live iOS demo which can be accessed by all users to have a complete look into the Phone models (4/5/6) along with Google Nexus 5. And It is possible to develop Android and iOS applications

If you are try to download & Install This Appetize.Io emulator then for the first 100 minutes, you can easily used it 100% free of cost, and if you exceed that, then you will be charge $0.05 per minute.

appetize ios emulator for windows

appetize ios emulator for windows

App.io Emulator:

App.io is also great and best iPhone emulator for Windows PC obtained to run iOS apps on a windows computer. It is found that us interface is very easy and allows you run different apps: all you are require

This is best ios emulators free for 7-day trial and also compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome.

iOS emulators for PC free download

iOS emulators for PC free download

iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is available as Google Chrome extension. So you can only use in your Google Chrome Browser, it works as cloud  OS and also as a simulator. By using this chrome extension you can easily get an iPda screen on your Windows PC. This iPad Simulator is provides all users such features let you experience of Siri without purchasing an iPad. Moreover, with iPad Simulator you can easily create your own apps within a seconds and use it as screen saver also launch and connect with web services in just only one click.

The best part of iPad Simulator is, its free and compatible with Windows, Chrome.

It is a virtual clone of iPad which we can use as an iOS emulator for Windows Computer.

iPad simulator for windows download

iPad simulator for windows download

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is another one of the greatest emulator for gaming console created by Nintendo which is launched in 2010 in the same year and the emulator gained the great response from all iOS users. Nintendo 3DS Emulator enable all users in your Windows PC. Nintendo 3DS games which is provide you best high resolution and also 3D Graphic can play you in your Windows PC or Computer. Nintendo 3DS Emulator is capable of playing 3D effect games without using any other accessories or 3D glass. This emulator help you to play all Nintendo 3D games without any bugs and errors in Windows PC.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC

Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC

Electric Mobile Studio

This is another Best Electric Mobile Studio is a paid emulator for iOS apps on windows products.

It is considered to be quite expensive, but many believe that the product offered is of highly quality too.


Ripple Emulator is Another iOS emulator that has steadily grown in stature over some time now is the ripple iOS emulator. It is often used for testing of applications and also for the development of new applications by the developers. Ripple is Google Chrome browser based extension, which you can easily used as an iOS emulator.

ripple emulator

                                                                                                              Ripple Emulator Chrome


iMAME is also a good iOS emulator for gaming. With its aid, it is possible for you to download and install any applications or games that are available on iPhone and iPad. It can emulate various types of iOS games. You can play iOS 9/iOS 10 games using this iMAME emulator.


iDos Emulator

This is the last name in the list is the iDos Emulator which is simply works seamlessly to give you the iOS experience on your PC.

I Think you already know that, Currently This iDos emulator has not been getting updates on features or bug reports recently. Therefor, even though it as the functionality, it is not recommended to use this software.

Final Words

So, Guys here is one of the great list of best apple iOS emulator for Windows 2017 that works for Windows 7/8/8.1/10.. So you can simply enjoy your favorite iOS apps and games on your PC or Computer.  It is not possible to afford or purchase the iPhone or other Apple devices due to high cost and availability in certain geographic. This all great tools are 100& free of cost So you can easily use iOS apps on their Windows PC.  If you have any other emulator that you want to add to this list just comment down we will update in this list. Also, don’t forget to share this list on social media and with iOS lover.

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