About Us

SubTricks is one of the best tech blogs in India. SubTricks started on 24 December 2017 as a mission to teach every aspect of technology to beginners. Here we are putting efforts to make people aware of the unique tech tips & tricks.

We always provide you unique and latest tech stuffs. We have a solution for your all technical problems. SubTricks is directly connect with you technology.

Topics We Cover

  1. Android Tips & Tricks
  2. How To Guides
  3. Apps Reviews
  4. iOS Tips & Tricks
  5. Best Buys
  6. Linux
  7. Gadgets Reviews
  8. Mac OS
  9. Social Media
  10. Mac OS
  11. App Downloads

The Man Behind SubTricks

Rahul Gupta is the owner and operator of SubTricks. He started this blog as a passion. He is a techy guy who loves to discover the stuff related to technology. Currently, he is pursuing his graduation B.Tech in Delhi University.

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